Islamic Tour

Islamic Package 8 Days – 7 Nights (BB)

Day 1: Amman – Arrival – Meet & Assist – Islamic Tour - Overnight.

Arriving in Amman, capital of Jordan. Meet & assist in Queen Alia Airport Visa formalities and transfer to hotel. Start visiting Islamic sites in Amman, visit of The Cave of the Seven Sleepers. It is the story of seven young men during Roman times (pre-Byzantine) escaping persecution and seeking refuged in a cave. They slept in the cave and when they woke up they had no idea that they had slept for 300 years. The 'sleepers' thought they had only slept for a few hours. After their story was widely known, the 'sleepers' died. Visit of the tombs (Maqamat) the companions Bilal bin Rabah / Abdul-Rahman bin Auf. Back to Amman for overnight.


Day 2: Amman – Machaerus – Mount Nebo – Dead Sea – Overnight.

After breakfast, you will depart to Madaba and just a ten minute drive is Machaerus (the site where Prophet Yehya (PBUH) died, and then head to Mount Nebo where Prophet Moses (PBUH) stood and viewed the Holy Land, then we will drive near Madaba, overlooking Wadi Al-Mujib, is the village of Shaqiq and visits the tomb (Maqam) of the companion Abu Dharr Al-Ghafari. Then drive to Dead Sea check in the hotel for overnight.

Day 3: Dead Sea – Jordan Valley – Dead Sea- Overnight.

After breakfast, head to Jordan valley where you will have a full day visit to tombs (Maqamat) of (Abu Ubaydah Amer bin Al-Jarrah / Muath bin Jabal / Shurahbil bin Hasnah / Amer bin Abi Waqqas / Dirrar bin Al-Azwar). Then proceed to the south east cost of the Dead Sea near place called Safi, you will visit the cave of Prophet Lot (PBUH). Return to hotel in Dead Sea for overnight.

Day 4: Dead Sea - Kerak – Al Mazar – Mutah – Petra - Overnight.

After breakfast, we will head towards Kerak where you will visit the Shrine of Prophet Noah (Nuh) (PBUH). Then you will head to Al-Mazar Al Shamali where you will visit the Shrine of Prophet Dawud (PBUH) and the tombs (Maqamat) of Jaafar bin Abi Taleb / Zaid bin Haritha / Abdullah bin Rawahah, all who were martyred in the battle of Mutah. Then you will continue to visit the Shrine of Prophet Sulayman (PBUH) in Sarfah (a city near Kerak). Then will Drive to Petra for overnight.

Day 5: Petra (half day visit) – Aqaba - Overnight.

Early in the morning after breakfast, we will head south to visit one of the new world’s Wonders, The ancient city of Petra, the legacy of the Nabataeans. We will observe its refined culture, massive architecture and a creative complex of dams and water channels. Then we will head to Aqaba city, visit The Aqaba Marine Park, which is a protected area that extends for 7 km along the coast. It aims to preserve the coral reefs and marine life of Aqaba’s shore environment.

Day 6: Aqaba – Amman – Overnight.

After breakfast, a full day visit to Islamic Aqaba, you will visit the Mameluke Castle, The castle was originally built by the Mamluk sultan Qansweh Al Ghuri in the 14th century. The fort is located next to theAqaba Flagpole which carries the flag of the Arab revolt again the Ottomans. Adjacent to the fort is the Aqaba Archaeological Museum. The museum next to the fort was once the residence of Sharif Hussein. Then will visit Ayla, the first Islamic city outside the Arabian peninsula was built around 650 AD. The early Muslims used to built special urban forms called Misr that included a congregational mosque, at governor's residence and tribal quarters. Then head back to Amman for overnight.

Day 7: Amman – North of Jordan (Safawi) – Desert Castles – Amman - Overnight

After breakfast, head north of Jordan to Safawi area where you will visit Tree Bakieoah which seek shelter by the Prophet peace be upon him, it is located in the desert ofeastern Jordan Northern Safawi area and away from Amman and 140 km area Safawi 10 km in the desert. Despite the years, but it still enjoys Bkhaddrtha and glory and beauty. The researchers say that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) seek shelter when their journey to Damascus with a soft server Khadija, may Allah be pleased. Then will head to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘’Quseir Amra’’, is the best-known of the desert castleslocated in present-day eastern Jordan. It was built early in the 8th century, sometime between 723 and 743, by Walid Ibn Yazid, the future Umayyad caliph Walid II. Then visit Qasr al-Kharanah, is one of the best-known of the desert castles located in present-day eastern Jordan, about 60 kilometres (37 mi) east of Amman

Day8: Amman – Departure.

Depart early in the morning after breakfast to Queen Alia International Airport.




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